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  Most countertop overlays are around $799.00 !!


"The Overlay System"



Bathrooms, Kitchens, tables and more ! Interior/Exterior Pickup and delivery for small furniture

No rip out! No mess! Formica, tile, wood or any substrate can be overlaid. Damaged counter tops are no problem.

This is a Three layer System Primer, color and epoxy. None of are products are available to the public.

Commercial grade products create a clear stain proof surface. The color is replicated by hand. Any granite or marble can be copied.  Even types of Granite like rough cut or chisel can be replicated. However smooth edges are most popular.

FDA Approved final surface. 3 Year warranty. Flex Overlay Systems can duplicate any granite or marble on your surface.

You show us a sample that you want and we duplicate it on your countertop. Anything is possible you could have a Harley Davidson or your favorite sports team or company logo on  a desk or expensive granite look for your kitchen or bath. No resealing or maintenance is required. Resists heat up to 500 degrees. Scratch resistance is about the same as corian. However countertops can be renewed should any damage occur.

Small Odor during the process lasting about 15min.


Day 1  Preparation, Undercoat

Day 2  Color and Epoxy

Day 3 Clean Up&Replacement of Appliances

1/3 The price of a new countertop!

Colors can be made to match anything from granite, marble or tile. Show us a picture or simply pick your favorite colors. We will replicate that pattern on your countertop, vanity or just about anywhere in your home! People will think it's real stone.




Top grade epoxy is used to insure a long lasting finish. The surface is stain proof and is similar to what is used on bar tops. We are always looking world wide for improvements to our product line and continue to update our product and procedures for the best possible results.



We offer 3D designs made from lightweight concrete or smooth edge designs. We offer concrete masterpieces or replication of any granite, marble or corian design!

Below are some of our 3D colors


  Choose from any granite on the market and we will replicate it for you!


Click below for pictures


Kitchens&Bathrooms 1

Kitchens&Bathrooms 2


Is this a paint based system?

We first use aliphatic chemicals formulated to adhere to tile and formica.

We have pigments, paint and stone accents to use for different color applications.


   How long has your company been doing countertop replication?

We started offering this service in July 2005


Does this product need to resealed or maintained with special products?

No simply clean with windex and give it an occasional wax.


Does it scratch?

Yes some care needs to be taken when cutting or placing sharp items on the surface.

However resistance to scratching is related to quality of the clear coat used and we strive to use the best available. Referred to as pencil strength we only use top quality epoxy that yields the highest strength available.


How about hot items like hot pans and such?

This product will resist heat up to 500 degrees but you will need to take some care with hot items and not place them on your countertop.





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